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The Powerful Portable Charger 
That Can Jump Start Your Car!
Also Charges All Devices On The Go Including Phones & Tablets!
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Features & Benefits:

  • Strong enough to jump start your petrol car, van, or even your boat!
  • Rapidly charge all your handheld devices including phones & tablets
  • Built-in Super-Bright LED Flashlight
  • Works in hot & cold temperatures*
  • Clever lithium cobalt battery technology

*Operating temperature 0◦ to 60◦.  For best results always follow instruction manual

Included with your Mini Max
This Tiny Little Device Actually Has The Power To Jump Start Your Petrol Car, Truck, Boat & More!
Introducing the MiniMax™, the micro portable battery charger that is so powerful it can jump-start a car, van, boat, motorcycle, ATV, or almost any petrol vehicle that uses a standard car battery.
MiniMax™ has a 200 amp starting current, with 400 amp of peak current – jump start up to 10 cars on only one charge!

- Petrol vehicles only
- For use on 12V systems only
Quick, Portable Power On The Go
Charges iPhone, some
Android and other USB devices

MiniMax™ is smaller than a smart phone and fits in your pocket, back pack, purse, glove box and more. Contains 7,800 mAh battery with a 2 amp USB output to rapidly charge any mobile devices from smart phones to tablets to digital camera, making it the ideal emergency battery pack for a home, office, vehicle or outdoors.

Quick, portable power on the go!
What People Are Saying About MiniMax

I love the MINIMAX™, I don’t have to worry about my daughter getting stranded and breaking down, and asking a stranger for help.

-Satisfied Customer 

“Being stranded with my car dead can be really scary. But with the MiniMax™, I just plug it in and instantly and my car is back to normal.”
-Satisfied Customer 
“I am an ASC certified mechanic,  
our tools are the most important thing. I depend on the MINIMAX™,
because it works.
-Certified Mechanic

Feel Safe And Secure In Any Situation!
The MiniMax™ had a built-in LED flashlight with a strobe and S.O.S function for emergencies.
It also includes jumper cables and two different charging methods; a wall charger for home and a 12V charges to charge you battery pack on the go.
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